Why Should You Care About Work-Life Balance?

The majority of entrepreneurs say work-life balance is the biggest challenge they face, according to research from NodeSource. This puts it ahead of such headline-grabbers such as tightening talent pools and the online security.   At least initially, almost all small businesses require long hours of work. Owner-managers of small businesses often have a much longer … Continue reading Why Should You Care About Work-Life Balance?

5 Reasons to Invest in Your Business

Why Invest in Your Business?  Are you thinking about ways to grow and scale your business? Here are some thoughts to consider . . .  As you’re building your business, there will come a point in time when you will need to start investing in it. Being resourceful and bootstrapping are wonderful for start-ups, but … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Invest in Your Business

Navigating Cultural Moments

A cultural moment can be defined as the tip of the iceberg of deeper underlying movements within our society.  How society, individuals, companies and brands react to these moments is becoming increasingly important.  focused on brands and how their cultural, social and political participation (or lack of participation) can influence consumer perceptions and the benefits … Continue reading Navigating Cultural Moments