Luck is not the answer for business success

As we all count our lucky stars we survived another fun celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, luck is not a reliable source for business success! The word “luck” and the phrases, “lucky duck” or “lucky break” can often be heard when someone is talking about successful people and ideas in the business world. However, as most hard-working, business owners know, true luck only has a small part in running a successful business.

Successful business owners know it takes hard work and the following in order to find themselves in a place of being considered lucky:

1. Having a vision with a strategy

What happens in an organisation or business without strategy? The answer is a lot… a lot of wrong things. Every company has a high-flying vision because someone took a chance to start and grow this vision by nurturing a new or unique idea. But knowing how their vision can be related to goals, meaning, targets and action plans is the key to success! As well as understanding how to earn the attention of potential customers to see their vision through. Luck is no substitute for a good strategy.

2. Planning Ahead and Being Prepared

Luck is defined as an “accidental way things happen without being planned.” But there is nothing accidental about operating a successful business. Success takes a lot of planning and effort to be prepared for anything. It takes guts and a strong strategy, not luck, to step out and start something but it take an organized execution plan to see it continue throughout the life of the business to take it to the next level, and then the next level after that.

3. Working Smarter, not Harder

Successful people make a name for themselves not only because they work hard, but because they know how to work smart and they know that success cannot rely on “dumb luck”. While working hard is important because it simply means sitting down and getting work done, working smarter is honing in on the most efficient ways to work. Knowing how to use and take advantage of available tools, technologies, and resources to find better ways to get things done not unlike a well-equipped chef’s kitchen. Working smarter also means creating balance and space to live (read more on the importance of work-life balance)

4. Knowing when to ask for help

One of the key skills successful business owners and leaders have is the ability to know when to ask for help. The smartest, most efficient leaders are able to identify and focus on their own strengths, while they delegate or even outsource the rest. (Want to learn more about delegating? Click here)  They are able to see that it’s just better business sense to utilize the skills and knowledge of experts in their field!

While success is obviously measured in many ways, it is safe to say that achieving it requires a lot more than just good luck. As business owners and leaders know, it takes a tonne of effort to make it. It takes strategic planning and great execution along with efficient work arounds and a skilled support team. Thankfully, at the end of this little rainbow (blog), you have found your pot of gold, in this case it’s a big pot of Awesome Sauce! So, instead of searching for that four-leaf clover, why not reach out to us to help you achieve success this year!